The Gallery on the Lake is pleased to present the latest works by Wendy Bermingham & Sheila Davis in a new exhibit entitled “Speaking of trees”. The exhibit opens May 27th and continues to June 30th. The “Opening Reception and Meet The Artist” will be held on June 4th 1:00-4:00 PM. “Speaking of Trees” is the second exhibit this year in a spectacular exhibition line-up by some of Canada’s leading artists at the Gallery on the Lake as we celebrate Canada 150!

This new exhibit features breathtaking Ontario landscapes. These artists have truly captured the contemporary landscape with dynamic brushstrokes, brilliant colour, and exploration of texture and the expression of movement using lines.

Wendy Bermingham Biography Excerpts:

Wendy Bermingham, has always been an artist. Spending time looking at nature, she discovered that capturing it on canvas was her true calling.

As an artist of the contemporary landscape, what truly captivates her is the blurred line between realism and abstraction. Using both brush and palette knife, she strives to dig deeper than what is on the surface and search for the true essence of the scene.

She works primarily plein air in the summer and in the winter months, creates larger studio paintings in traditional oil, manipulating the thick juicy colours into an energetic impression of the vision before her.

Sheila Davis Biography Excerpts:

Primarily self taught, Sheila Davis has been a professional artist for over 23 years. Her interest lies in obscure areas of the environment as seen on the periphery of daily vision. Sheila works in oil, painting both Plein Air and in the studio, preferring large panels.

Using dynamic brushstrokes and saturated colour, her work has a strong organic feel to it, indicative of the natural landscape she paints.

She believes an artist interprets best what they know intimately…what surrounds them personally and what they touch daily…For her this is the untouched Ontario landscape… tangled, unfettered and unfinished…a work in progress, constantly growing and striving towards light, strength and freedom from constraint.

The Gallery on the Lake is proud to feature the works of these renowned and highly collectible Canadian artists.

The Gallery on the Lake is located at 65 Gallery on the Lake Rd in Buckhorn, 30 minutes from Peterborough. For more information please call 705-657-1108 or visit our website

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