THE GALLERY ON THE LAKE PRESENTS Steve Tracy & Julia Veenstra EXHIBIT “Colours Abound”

The Gallery on the Lake is honored to present works of Steve Tracy & Julia Veenstra in a new exhibit entitled “Colours Abound”. The exhibit opens September 30th and continues to November 3rd. The opening reception and meet the artists will be held on September 30th 1:00-4:00 PM. “Colours Abound” is an exhibit that showcases these two artists and their exceptional ability to use colour. Panoramic light-filled canvasses of islands, waterways, and birches filled with brilliant fall leaves against blue and yellow skies will evoke emotion like never before. Viewers will look into the shadows and see light and colour they never knew existed in nature.

Steve Tracy Biography Excerpt:

Steve Tracy has been painting since he was 10 when he was given his first set of oil paints and quickly discovered that art could free him from the chaos of everyday life.

Inspired by the cultural revolution of the late 60’s and early 70’s Steve relocated to New York City, where he enrolled in the School of Visual Arts in 1972. Steve continued his studies at many respected art schools and is a graduate of the American Art Institute. He perfected his talents through work with various studios and paints a variety of genres, but has become particularly well recognized for his Canadian landscapes. Today, Steve lives in Southwest Ontario where he donates his time to public art endeavors in the area.

Julia Veenstra Biography Excerpt:

Julia Veenstra is a Canadian artist who has lived in four different countries. Her work is found in collections around the world. She is an impressionistic representational, lively artist. Her work reflects her surroundings and translates how she sees the world. Julia’s medium of choice is acrylic as she enjoys the immediacy and the bright colours.

“I work with vibrant colour and expressive strokes, exploring shape and form as well as the constant desire to portray light. The canvases I paint can be quite large and the result is the ability to experiment with a range of tools that create variety of texture and interest in the pieces and can pull from me an energy and joy.  Negative shape plays a role as important as the positive and develops from the layering technique that I employ” says Veenstra.

The Gallery on the Lake is proud to feature the works of these very talented artists.

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Morrisseau TV Documentary Coming Soon!

The Morrisseau “ Father and Son” Exhibit here at the Gallery on the Lake is the only Morrisseau exhibit currently featured in a retail  art gallery in Canada which is one reason why it was recently filmed by a TV crew for an upcoming documentary marking the 10th anniversary of Norval Morrisseau’s death.

Two additional works, “Legend of the Sleeping Giant” – 84”x 144” and “Shaman with Headdress” – 65”x 112” are not displayed in the main exhibit area. They are however displayed in other parts of the gallery, notably the foyer and will continue to be available after the current exhibit ends.


If you are unable to make it to the gallery, please feel free to watch a video of the exhibit. 

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Make the Gallery on the Lake a part of your Fall Colour Tour.

Hello September …. crisp mornings, sunny days, and the start of many Fall Colour Tours through our area.

The Gallery on the Lake would like to welcome those visiting our area to take a moment and see the vibrant colours we have inside the Gallery are just as stunning as those outside. The added bonus is that you can take these pieces with you. A pieces that stirs your soul, warms your heart, or captures a memory. When Autumn has long faded, the vibrancy  of an original piece of fine art will shine forever.

The Gallery on the Lake is open 7 days a week 10:00 am to 5:00 pm through to the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend.

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The Gallery on the Lake is honored to present works of Lloyd Wilson in a new exhibit entitled “Canadian Shield”. The exhibit opens September 2nd and continues to September 29th. The opening reception will be held on September 2nd 1:00-4:00 PM. “Canadian Shield” is an exhibit that highlights his appreciation for nature which has a strong influence on his subject matter influenced by growing up in rural Ontario. This new exhibit features classic Wilson pieces that showcase his attention to fine detail.

Lloyd Wilson Biography Excerpts:

Lloyd Wilson has been a full time Canadian painter for more than 20 years, using oil on canvas or linen to produce paintings that include rural landscapes, lake scenes, and still life images. “I absolutely love to paint. Inspiration is everywhere. How fortunate we are. I paint daily. Many of my smaller images are done en plein air” Says Wilson. Lloyd Wilson participates in several juried art shows annually.

His work depicts many Canadian landscapes including peaceful lake scenes with canoes and camping or North American birds and animals in their natural settings. Wilson’s paintings give you warm, energy and happiness, colour and light, depth and gradation. See it, feel it.

The Gallery on the Lake is proud to feature the works of this very talented artist.

The Gallery on the Lake is located at 65 Gallery on the Lake Rd in Buckhorn, 30 minutes from Peterborough. For more information please call 705-657-1108 or visit our website