Canadian painter’s business booms after a viral photo of his painting causes LinkedIn to freeze his account

Tim Packer

Tim Packer photo.JPG

TORONTO: August 5, 2016 – Canadian landscape artist Tim Packer is proof that even the most traditional artists can benefit from the power of social media.

Initially a strong believer that social media was for cat videos and giggling babies, Toronto-based painter Tim Packer reluctantly posted an image of himself with his painting, Shall We Dance, on LinkedIn on July 19 after encouragement from his son. To the artist’s surprise, the post quickly garnered over 73,765 likes, 6,649 comments,recording breaking sales and a flood of business inquiries – and the numbers are still climbing.

Following social media best practices, the artist proceeded to interact with LinkedInusers by thanking and responding to each comment and request. But the dialogue was halted when LinkedIn suspended his account for an hour, suspecting Tim of using third party bots and scrapers to achieve the likes and responses to his post.Despite several assurances that he is only responding to comments appearing on his post, LinkedIn is continuing to threaten to permanently disable Tim’s account if the high engagement continues.

“I’ve been getting up at 4:00 am every morning to spend 4 hours responding tocomments before I work on my paintings because I believe that I should treat peopleonline the same way as I would in person,” said Tim Packer.

Since last Friday’s final warning from LinkedIn however, Packer has only been responding to specific questions, leaving thousands of comments unanswered.

“While I appreciate the exposure and business LinkedIn has given me, it is killing me to read all of these wonderful comments and not being able to say ‘Thank You’ ”, said Packer.

Following the viral recognition, business has boomed. At his opening the following week, Shall We Dance – his most expensive painting to date – sold in the first hour with a second offer for the piece leading to a commissioned painting for a new fan in England who saw the piece on LinkedIn. His sales were higher in the first day of his most recent show than they were after a whole month at the previous show. Tim Packer has also received hundreds of requests for prints of Shall We Dance and has had inquiries from distributors in China, the UK and Europe since the viral post.

Although Shall We Dance sold at Packer’s opening last Saturday, it will be on display at The Gallery on the Lake in Buckhorn, Ontario until August 13th.

About Tim Packer Fine Arts

Tim Packer Fine Arts started in 1997 while Tim was a detective with the Toronto Police Service’s Headquarters Fraud Squad and painted on his days off. In 2000, Packer resigned from the Toronto Police to pursue his art career full time where he quickly became internationally recognized and a mainstay in the Canadian art scene.  Packer’s colourful, rural works and unique style draw on deep traditions of the Canadian landscape through a modern eye.

Available for Interviews: Tim Packer, Canadian artist

For more information visit:

Facebook: /timpackerfinearts | Instagram: @timpackerfinearts



For media inquiries, please contact:

Jennifer Love at Duet PR | T: 416-271-5477


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