Acquiring Art for Enjoyment…and Investment

Now that winter is approaching and our thoughts turn to spending more time indoors we invite you to consider enhancing your space with beautiful Canadian works of art,  and , more specifically we  suggest you consider purchasing  art as an investable asset.
During shorter (5years or less) time periods and particularly longer time frames, returns in the Art Market  compare very favourably  with the Stock  and the Real estate Market
These returns come without  the  craziness of  the stock market  and its seemingly daily gyrations. Instead, because art is a tangible asset, you get to enjoy the art on your walls and its  potential  for capital appreciation.
With this in mind here are some suggestions;

Departed masters of Canadian Art

Norval Morrisseau-   Canada’s most famous First Nations Artist.

Armand Tatossian –  Youngest RCA member and renowned international artist.

Tom Hodgson – Famed Painters 11 artist ( small and large abstract pieces).

Siggy Puchta- Renowned  Bronze sculptor (of Ted Rogers statue fame)

A  limited number of paintings are also available  from John Mlacak and Guttorn Otto.

Our current and constantly expanding roster of Living Canadian artists covers  works that have delivered above average returns over the years. The artists in this category include but are not limited Tim Packer; Peter Rotter; David Grieve; Silvia Armeni; Norman R. Brown; Christian Bergeron….and young Jenny Kastner
Please visit our website to start the process for acquiring some truly fantastic Canadian art.
Feel free to call us at toll-free:1-888-242-7475  or via mail

For more information on the gallery’s artists, exhibitions and activities, check  out our website .  You can also like us on Facebook (Gallery on the Lake) or follow us on Twitter (@galleryonlake).

We look forward to seeing  you soon at 65 Gallery on the Lake Rd, Buckhorn,ON

Charlevoix By Armand TatoissianUntitled By Tom HodgsonA Winters Morning Lake Baptiste By Tim PackerShamanan With Children By Morrisseau

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