Tom Hodgson Exhibit, Extended Bergeron Exhibit and Gallery Cafe


Abstract expressionist artist and member of the famed Painters Eleven Tom Hodgson will be headlining a new exhibit at the Gallery on the Lake in Buckhorn, Ontario. It will be an exciting exhibition of works featuring a selection of his paintings from the sixties to nineties.

The paintings showcase a selection of his large abstract work, as well as small watercolours and a portfolio of pastel nudes. The masterful use of colour that Tom Hodgson was known for will be on full display with this exhibit. All of the works to be featured in the exhibit are works owned by Hodgson’s children Randy and Lise.

The show’s opening will take place on Saturday August 1st, from 1:00pm to 4:00pm, and will continue until September 4th

All of the works will be offered for sale presenting a rare opportunity to obtain a Hodgson original work.

Screen shot 2015-07-16 at 1.29.26 PM Screen shot 2015-07-16 at 1.29.40 PM

Screen shot 2015-07-16 at 1.28.47 PM Screen shot 2015-07-16 at 1.29.06 PM


We will be extending our current exhibit, “Saveur Internationale“by Christian Bergeron for an additional week. If you haven’t been to see it yet, you now have until the 31st of July to view this “exhibition magnifique”! The opening reception was a great success and we are so pleased that Christian was able to make the trip from Charlevoix QC to attend. Below are some photos from the opening reception and “Meet the Artist”.

Screen shot 2015-07-16 at 2.57.47 PM Screen shot 2015-07-16 at 2.59.04 PM Screen shot 2015-07-16 at 2.58.26 PM


To enhance your art collecting experience, our Gallery Cafe is open for your enjoyment! Please come and join us daily from 11AM to 4PM during the summer months for light fare, beverages and desserts. With a breathtaking view over Lower Buckhorn Lake, and walls adorned with world class paintings, this cafe is a real treat for visitors! For larger groups please phone ahead, we will be happy to accommodate your needs!

Screen shot 2015-07-16 at 2.43.22 PMThe cafe!  Screen shot 2015-07-16 at 2.43.42 PM The view!Screen shot 2015-07-16 at 2.44.02 PMThe menu!

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