Artist and Exhibit update


We are so pleased to announce the following new artists to the gallery this year:

Steve Tracy–   After years of experimenting with oil paint, Steve Tracy has discovered ways of mixing, drying, and playing with gravity to create fanciful pieces. As a traditionalist at heart, Steve often employs oils, acrylics and watercolors. Read Steve’s full artist bio here

172141 Old Mill 30x40

Michel Poirer–  From the Mount Tremblant area in Quebec, Michel Poirer is a renowned artist painting traditional subjects with a modern flair. Artists Statement; For Michel, it’s the painting process that matters, subject is secondary, no matter what imagery you create, “your soul will shine through every stroke, if you really love what you do”, “The variety of styles and subjects I’ve produced over the years testify to my insatiable need to constantly reinvent myself.”

Moose 40x40

Frederick Forsey (returning)-Although he was always fascinated by art, Fred did not seriously pursue this interest until he discovered the Buckhorn School of Fine Art, and signed up for classes with Edwin Matthews who was Fred’s foremost teacher and guiding influence. Primarily a landscape artist, Fred tours the country endeavoring to capture and convey the beauty of the world.  Read Fred’s full artist bio here.

Irondale 1


We have such a phenomenal group of artists here at the Gallery on the Lake, and it never ceases to amaze us when we see the stunning new pieces they bring for us! We are so excited to have new work by the following artists: Tim Packer, David Greive, Steve Tracy, Maya Evantov and Michel Poirer. There are a few images below, but please visit the new work page on our website for the full selection of what is new at the gallery!

175798 Birch Looking Up 24x48 orphan_lake_mosaic_ tree piece 74 -.., 30x30

MAGAZINE ARTICLE Two of our very own Gallery on the Lake artists Tim Packer, and Steve Tracy were featured in ARABELLA magazine in their Autumn Harvest 2014 edition as artists to collect! The articles are extremely well written and give a great insight into the journey each artist has undergone throughout their career.

SAD NEWS It is with great sadness that we share the passing of two of our wonderful gallery artists.

Siggy Puchta  Please view Siggy’s obituary here.

John Mlacak Please view John’s obituary here.


Extended- to June 26, 2015  Cyril Cox, “Reflections of Light”

Current Exhibit- Llyod Wilson, “Backcountry Vistas” continues until July 26th

Upcoming July 2015- Christian Bergeron Opening reception and “Meet the Artist” June 27th from 1PM to 4PM. Exhibit continues until July 24th.

Upcoming August 2015- We are anticipating a retrospective of deceased “Painters 11” artist Tom Hodgeson.



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